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Hangar recording new video surrounded by women in a ballad
Postado em 21/08/2016

Can you imagine the musicians from band Hangar drunk at a party surrounded by beautiful women? Well, this is the atmosphere of the new video clip of the Hangar, “Just Like Heaven”, officially released on Thursday (18), the official channel of the band on YouTube and Facebook. The song is part of the album “Stronger Than Ever”, which came out on July 22 via Making Of (Brazil), FC Metal (Europe) and King Records (Japan).

The video was recorded in the city of Bebedouro (SP), Brazil, and included the production of Foggy Films and directed by Junior Carelli and Rudge Campos. The actors who participated in the video clip were fans of Hangar, which came into contact with the band before and participated in a promotion that guarantee their presence in the video.

“We were tired of the formal format of video clips and metal were quite audacious. At the beginning the band was with some trepidation the idea, but Juninho Carelli and Rudge Campos do a very sophisticated work and excellent photography, and this greatly pleased the band. It was a great break of paradigms for us to try to do something so different from anything we had done in our previous video clips. The closure of the story is incredible and it shows how far we can go with our imagination”, said Aquiles Priester.

Watch the video for “Just Like Heaven”: https://youtu.be/WGt_i6Tob9c

Hangar – Line-Up:
Pedro Campos (vocals)
Cristiano Wortmann (guitar)
Fabio Laguna (keyboards)
Nando Mello (low)
Aquiles Priester (drums)

More information:
Official Site – http://www.hangar.mus.br
Twitter – https://twitter.com/_hangar
Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/user/hangarofficial

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