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Edu Falaschi releases trailer for “Temple Of Shadows In Concert”
Postado em 08/07/2020

Edu Falaschi releases the first trailer for DVD, Blu-Ray and live CD “Temple Of Shadows In Concert”, recorded in 2019 at Tom Brasil, in São Paulo. The band that recorded the material is formed by Edu Falaschi (vocals), Aquiles Priester (drums), Fabio Laguna (keyboards), Roberto Barros (guitar), Diogo Mafra (guitar) and Raphael Dafras (bass).

Watch the trailer for “Temple Of Shadows In Concert”: https://youtu.be/q_DDU3pqDbk

Edu Falaschi’s team comments on the trailer:

“We are very proud to announce the official trailer for the show “Edu Falaschi – Temple Of Shadows In Concert”, that was performed with excellence by Edu Falaschi, Aquiles Priester, Fabio Laguna, Raphael Dafras, Diogo Mafra and Roberto Barros, in addition to the glorious presence of the Bachiana Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by the legendary conductor João Carlos Martins, with the wonderful arrangements of the great Maestro Adriano Machado! It was a memorable night that celebrated the 15th anniversary of the album “Temple Of Shadows” recorded by Edu Falaschi, Aquiles Priester, Kiko Loureiro, Rafael Bittencourt and Felipe Andreoli with Angra in 2004! This tribute had many special guests such as Kai Hansen, Michael Vescera, Sabine Edelsbacher, Guilherme Arantes and Tiago Mineiro! The filming and image editing was in charge of Foggy Filmes, directed by Junior Carelli and Rudge Campos, the audio was captured by Audiomobile of the great sound engineer Andre “Kbelo” Sangiacomo! The mixing and mastering was made by the renowned producer Jesse Vainio in Finland! There were more than 200 professionals working hard on this project that had the crucial support of @yeptv and especially the loyal fans that made it possible! Thank you very much for providing us the opportunity to realize this beautiful dream!”

Tracklist “Temple Of Shadows In Concert”:

01 – 5th Symphony In Cm – Allegro Con Brio (L. Beethoven)
02 – Gate XIII
03 – Deus Le Volt
04 – Spread Your Fire
05 – Angels And Demons
06 – Waiting Silence
07 – Wishing Well
08 – The Temple Of Hate
09 – The Shadow Hunter
10 – No Pain For The Dead
11 – Winds Of Destination
12 – Sprouts Of Time
13 – Morning Star
14 – Late Redemption
15 – Water Planet
16 – Violin Concert In Gm – The Four Seasons (Summer) – Presto (A. Vivaldi)
17 – Streets Of Florence
18 – The Glory Of The Sacred Truth
19 – Rebirth
20 – In Excelcis
21 – New Age

The material was filmed by Foggy Filmes, under the general direction of Junior Carelli and Rudge Campos. The show was recorded at the Tom Brasil concert hall, in São Paulo, for more than 4 thousand people and had the Bachiana Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by conductor João Carlos Martins, also participated in the show as special guests, Sabine Edelsbacher (Edenbridge), Kai Hansen (Helloween), Michael Vescera (ex-Malmsteen), Tiago Mineiro and Guilherme Arantes.

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