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Edu Falaschi releases music video for “The Glory of Sacred Truth”
Postado em 26/09/2018

Edu Falaschi has just released the video for “The Glory of the Sacred Truth”, a track that is part of the EP of himself and features a performance by the musicians of his solo tour “Rebirth of Shadows Tour”. These unreleased tracks from the EP are the recordings in 10 years that Edu Falaschi, Aquiles Priester and Fabio Laguna perform together. The songs are “The glory of the sacred truth” and “Streets of Florence”.

Watch the video for “The Glory of Holy Truth”: https://youtu.be/cwvsnoH6d1Q

The unreleased video clip of “The Glory of the Sacred Truth” was recorded and directed by Junior Carelli of Foggy Films and was recorded in a helipad of a building in São Bernardo do Campo. “The Glory of Sacred Truth”, which is part of the spreading of the new work, with two unpublished songs. The EP all over the world on all platforms of Streaming, in addition to physical CD released in Japan with the recordings by the record label King Records. The Japanese release precedes the shows in Tokyo and Osaka that already have all the tickets almost exhausted.

The current line-up formed by Edu Falaschi for his career is made by Aquiles Priester (drums), Fabio Laguna (keyboards), Roberto Barros (guitar), Diogo Mafra (guitar) and Raphael Dafras (bass). Edu Falaschi released these two songs and wrote as a way of thanking fans for the support of his “Rebirth of Shadows Tour” tour. This was written by Carlos Fides (Almah, Noturnall, Oficina G3, Scalene, Eterna, among others). Recently, the singer confirmed a return to Europe and Asia. So far countries like Colombia, Spain, Belgium, Italy and Japan have been confirmed.

Edu Falaschi comments on the song “The Glory of Sacred Truth”:

“A song is very strong, melodic and fast, a traditional” Power Metal “! I composed a song like the idea to continue the story, from Achilles and Fabio suffered during our times of Angra! The atmosphere of this song brings pros that a powerful and vibrant energy that makes people want to “shake” and express all their greatest emotions and fury! The letter mai is to be just in the heart to the mind of the mind! The song is about “Fake News”, which is very common nowadays when people, cowardly, try to inspire themselves to other things using lies and false information, is a horrible thing to do especially when you have no chance to defend yourself ! This world of the Internet, this world is easy, everything is very fast and all the lies turn into truth, which makes the TRUTH worth GOLD and be SACRED in the present day!

Listen to the EP “The Glory of Holy Truth” on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/37NZ4TWp7pUx38l5Jj3LKv

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