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Noturnall: Symphony X invites Thiago Bianchi to sing in São Paulo and is acclaimed for his killer performance!
Postado em 10/05/2016

The lead singer of the band NOTURNALL, THIAGO BIANCHI, participated unexpectedly in the Symphony X concert, this Saturday (7/5) at Tom Brazil, in São Paulo. Invited last minute to attend the show, the Brazilian singer shared the microphone with RUSSELL ALLEN in one of the classic tracks of the band, “SEA OF LIES”.

And BIANCHI did not disappoint, on the contrary, was in fact one of the highlights of the show!

RUSSELL and THIAGO shared vocals throughout the song, which can be considered an honor for the Brazilian, as the SYMPHONY X was never invited any special interest for some of their shows throughout the existence of the band, it said on stage by RUSSELL. The singer was shown very happy and excited by the presence of BIANCHI, since the two are good friends, moreover, RUSSELL already declared unconditional fan of the Brazilian voice several times. The two made a joke with the audience where they divided the audience and made the famous dispute of who screams louder. In the end, it seems, the dispute was tied as the two sides sang too high.

“I was very happy, very honored with the invitation! Singing next to my idol and good friend RUSSELL, next to one of the bands that literally changed the course of my life and still at home, was something that actually still can not sum up in words… that typical thing of the kind, record has not fallen! (laughs). Since we started NOTURNALL, “Russ” has been a great friend, great encourager, including in the NOTURNALL, call him “Godfather” because he was largely responsible for the current success of the band. RUSSELL participated in our first CD, first clip, was one of the producers, and flew to Brazil to participate in our first DVD, “FIRST NIGHT LIVE”, and was even one of the great enthusiasts behind the North American guitarist entry and also RUSSELL partner in American band ADRENALINE MOB, MIKE ORLANDO, in NOTURNALL. As for the Symphony X concert audience, WOW! What night! I was also very proud, not only as the band received, but also by how they received me! It is very nice to know that you are loved by such a special audience! Thanks São Paulo, Russell and Symphony X, for this magical night! “Said THIAGO BIANCHI.

The NOTURNALL band is in the process of composition and recording new studio album. Still untitled, the new work has guitarist Mike Orlando (ADRENALINE MOB & Stonic Stomp), one of the great guitar revelations in the US, Thiago Bianchi (vocals), Fernando Quesada (bass), Junior Carelli (keyboard), and drummer Aquiles Priester (Hangar, ex-Angra). Mike Orlando had played with Noturnall on cruise Axes & Anchors and Rock in Rio.

In 2016, the musicians have been preparing to released the new studio album, a new tour and DVD. Mike Orlando as an official member of NOTURNALL, the band is proud to announce that it is now also an international group.

More information:

Official Site – http://www.noturnall.com
Facebook – facebook.com/noturnallband
Youtube – https://www.youtube.com/user/noturnallofficial

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